Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Week 4 Post 1:

Red Rover, Red Rover... someone please send some help over to! My eyeballs are on overload and my brain for sure has been caught up in a tornado of moving banners, pictures of cars, and lots of words. Not sure what the MGBD stands for and not sure what a Rover P6 is either by the landing page. The aesthetics and design appeal of this website needs to streamlined. They need to heed to "less is more" when it comes to their overall branding to send a clear message that they specialize on a specific make and model of a rare collectors car. Their brand image is confusing and can frankly cause dizziness if you stare at it too long.

Are they in the penny business or the juice business over at I chose this topic because I clearly didn't understand the branding name combination with penny and juice before the dot com. Within the first ten seconds of landing on their website, I still couldn't figure it out. I had to read enough copy from various different locations to formulate exactly what their business was about. Their color palette was confusing and didn't flow nicely for the viewer. The focus was not clearly pronounced when the website opens. Low and behold, the are juice providers specializing in concentrates for childcare centers. Why didn't they just say that within their tag line next to Penny Juice? Instead they chose "It Makes Cents". What makes sense? The viewer has to struggle to find their message and their product association within the brand.

What a nice surprise that a governmental page has a clean engaging website! The government is not known for their cutting edge creative expression, produced a very nice website for the viewer. They immediately want the visitor to have an experience at one of their parks, so they offer an immediate call to action "find a park" in the center of the page with a drop down by state organization. What a breath of fresh air! Above that drop down (because drop downs can be so boring) is a stunning graphic of a statue highlighting the celebration of African American Heritage. Way to be in the current cultural moment! They then offered windows of experiences shared with pictures and stories that is tantalizing for the website visitor.

I mean, what does Apple NOT do right? They are the marketing leader for hard goods advertising, period. From their overall branding approach of simplicity and approachability, to their fore thinking product launches tied with exciting videos and presentations... Apple does it right from the start of the brand. The focus is always on the product and the landing pages are produced to make you want to click the key words to learn more. They are the king of keep it simple stupid. No matter how smart you are, you want your tech to be simple.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Week 3 Part 1:

Communication works when we all are speaking the same language. What happens when your language isn't "understood" to the language you're speaking to? I'm sure we all have felt this frustration of mis-communication via "what the heck are you saying"??? I can attest from my own experience talking to a cell phone carrier that they have their own language of plans that are attached to said names of rates that are only available for said times and all I said was "what"??? Social media provides a layman's terminology to express opinions with business entities. Who would've thought a "at" (@) via twitter to a business would be heard? The internet, the biggest listener there is in the world, just upped their connection with the real people that can make an impactful action. Now, what if the internet wasn't here to listen? What forms did we use before aol and juno were a thing? Snail mail has been assigned that metaphor for mail communication for a reason. The time taken to send that message and be heard, is time wasted on other facets of your life. Thank goodness for the internet! Don't you think?

I've never had a positive interaction with a business through social media, because I'm old school and pick up the phone. I'm not gonna lie, I wish some businesses had text messaging! I prefer asking questions to a person and not hide behind the key board. Plus, I prefer privacy when airing out grievances with others or businesses. Maybe I come from the school of thought of, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all on social media. Social media in business and also personal can be divisive and mis-understood to readers depending on so many unforeseen variables. Don't you think?

If I was a business owner and received positive negative comments, I'd first take a look at the over all voice of my brand to see what is appropriate. Am I professional corporate entity, or am I local taco shop. I feel the voice behind the brand messaging is just as important. I feel that whatever the comment is, a concern or a compliment needs to validated with some sort of response. Most people in life, including those on the internet... plainly just want to be heard. It can be a professional "we appreciate your comment and value your feedback" to "Hola, I sorry for your displeasure and we're pretty slammed over here, it is Taco Tuesday, yah know, but we're open to hear your concerns. Stop over for Taco Tuesday on us". I feel that the feelings conveyed behind the tone and language of the copy written is what makes consumers either connect or feel like they're talking to a RoboCall center. Have you ever felt like you're talking to a RoboCall center person?

As discussed in our textbook reading this week. Communication is about listening. Social Media allows for consumers to be heard in their OWN language, forcing the business to acutely listen to their potential customer or maybe their potentially leaving customer. How businesses decide to engage with the consumers can be successful if they acknowledge their comments, make the consumer feel that they are heard, and leave them going forward that positive things can come out of negative situations. I'd like to hear your thoughts!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Week 2 Part 2:

I commented on the below blogs because I found their content open my mind to new questions that I should consider next time I'm utilizing social media platforms.
Michele Cortes
Mary Goulet
CarlyRose Raketich

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Week 2 Part 1:

In my opinion the social media platform used for personal engagement may depend on the age of the user.  I personally prefer Instagram for personal use because was an early adopter to allow users to customize their posts / pics to reflect their personality. Short term engagement platforms such as SnapChat leans towards the younger crowd which want to offer a quicker not as detailed glimpse into their personal life w/o the tasking of writing and editing as much. Plus the disappearing option adds into the here now gone later mentality. Facebook I think has more engagement with mid aged adults who want to have more ideas and words exchanged in dialogue.  Do you think age determines which social platform you use? Is there an inappropriate platform for an age group?

I feel that Facebook is a stronger platform for brick and mortar and service related businesses.  Facebook has better local community engagement and consumers can easily find businesses on FB due to their geo targeting.  For product and online sales / services, Instagram I think is a better option.  Instagram does a better job in connecting more engagement outside of your normal thought of group of consumers. Their use of #'s and place locations makes it easy for consumers to find a certain product or solve a problem, which may lead to a product or a service. I have used Instagram to find a solution for my thick hair. Have you used a social media platform to solve a personal problem?

Now, I think Facebook and Instagram can be inter changeable with their focus on consumers but how they write their content copy needs to be altered a bit for each specific platform.  However, I think what's more important is take into consideration the age demographic which is the target goal. If you're target consumers are in their young teens then SnapChat would probably be better with a short Snap story. Their curiosity is higher so they will view the "story". Adults, they want to know ahead of time what the narrative is and what to expect when they read / visit / click your post. Do you think age is important in determining which social media platform to utilize for business?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Week 1B: Comments

My three comments in Group 4:
Mary Goulet
Peyton Jansa
Grace Tapia Perez

Week 1A: My template

I chose my template to reflect several parts of my life.

At first, the image conjures traveling through the sky in an airplane. That literal visualization reflects my enjoyment and desire to experience life in foreign lands. I've traveled overseas multiple times and find enlightenment in experiencing other cultures and people. Some of my favorite countries I've traveled are:  Indonesia, Japan, Cuba, Aruba, and Spain. I feel myself grow as a person after each trip. If you've traveled, what do you feel after those trips?

During my long trips on the plane, I try to stay unplugged and allow my brain drift off into the clouds with thoughts and ideas. I like to jot down my thoughts as place holders of my intentions to go forward in different aspects of my life. Writing down goals, intentions, and journaling about life grounds my anxious busy mind. What do you do to ground your mind?

The placement of an airplane in the sky reflects my overall personality of wanting to see the whole picture, not just the details. I'm a very detailed person in general, but I like to look at the bigger picture and the long game. This keeps my positive and focused on where I want to exert my energy and what is going to make me a better person. What do you do to keep yourself positively progressing forward?